Episode 24: Melissa Gustafson-Hinds, O'Fallon Township High School, O'Fallon, IL

Episode 25: James F. Keene, University of Illinois

Two back-to-back episodes!

Dr. Melissa Gustafson-Hinds was gracious enough to sit down for an interview at our recent Illinois Music Education Association State Conference. Dr. Gustafson-Hinds speaks about how she handles working with students that might move in or out of her school, balancing a schedule that includes band, choir, winter guard, jazz, and a family, and her goals of doing “all the things.”

Special thanks to Rachel Maxwell for connecting us and co-hosting this episode.

“With most people of my generation and the generation that preceded me, we tend to be doom and gloom because everyone isn’t doing it the way we did it . . . , no matter what people tell you, bands are better today than they’ve ever been.”

Professor James F. Keene took a break from conducting the ILMEA All-State Honors band at IMEC 2019 to sit down with R. Scott Barnas and I to talk about adapting music for ensembles, the role of a university director of bands, and commissioning new works. Professor Keene also speaks about his experience with international outreach and talks about identifying quality literature for bands.

Special thanks to R. Scott Barnas for connecting all of us and for guest-hosting on this episode. Special thanks to the Illinois Music Education Association (ILMEA) for helping to make this interview possible at the Illinois Music Education Conference.

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